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​*We strive to respond quickly, but depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time or we may not be able to respond. Also, please note that we may contact you by methods other than e-mail.


​ *When inquiring about stores that carry this product, please be sure to specify the brand you want and the region you live in.


​ *Responses from this contact are addressed to individual customers. Please refrain from diverting part or all of the email or making secondary use of it.

​A request for customers who have domain settings (rejection settings)

If you have configured your mobile device domain settings (reception rejection settings), you will not be able to receive our emails.

Please cancel the domain rejection or add our domain to the receiving list.

​Customers using a personal computer may also be unable to receive e-mails sent from us due to the settings of their e-mail software, etc. ​In that case, it is necessary to set the reception permission of the mail software you are using, so please check the mail setting method. In addition, it may go into the spam folder, so please check it.

Reception hours: Mon-Fri/10:00-17:00

Customer service strives to respond quickly, but please note that depending on the content of your inquiry, it may take some time to respond and we may contact you back.

*Call charges will be borne by the customer.


​Click here if you cannot connect from a toll-free number such as a mobile phone


​Charmant Customer Service


Inquiries by phone

​ *Toll-free numbers cannot be used from mobile phones.

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