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CSR information


As a leading company that delivers high-quality eyeglass frames and medical equipment to the world, the Charmant Group has always focused on the future and has continued to make efforts to improve the QOL of all people.

Today, the world is facing many challenges that must be resolved in order to realize a sustainable society. We believe that tackling and solving these issues through our business is the form of corporate value creation.

As an international company, we not only provide innovative products and services, but also consider the environment throughout the entire supply chain, respect the human rights of all people, including employees, and contribute to each country and local community. We want to fulfill our social responsibility.

The Charmant Group will aim for a sustainable society and company by comprehensively grasping economic, environmental and social issues.

Representative Director and President

Masataka Honjo




​Challenges Charmant tackles

The Charmant Group positions H (Human) and ESG (Environment, Society, Governance) as important perspectives in all corporate activities and will actively work on them.

Regarding the materiality that Charmant should prioritize, we refer to the principles and guidelines related to CSR and sustainability such as ISO26000 and SDGs, and establish it so that it covers important social issues for society and stakeholders.

H Respect for human rights and job satisfaction

The Charmant Group faithfully responds to social demands such as respect for human rights, diversity, gender equality, and equal employment opportunities. In addition, we will respect the individuality of each employee and work to create a bright work environment where they can fully demonstrate their abilities.

E Environmental management promotion

The Charmant Group will actively engage in environmentally friendly activities in our company and in our value chain business processes.

S  Improving people's quality of life

The Charmant Group will improve the quality of life of all people through our products and services, and contribute to the development of each country and local community through our business activities.

G Enhanced governance