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Intellectual property rights

Intellectual property rights (copyrights, trademark rights, design rights, etc.) of all information (documents, corporate marks, trademarks, videos, images, designs, etc.) on the website of Charmant Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company) are It belongs to Charmant and production companies, advertising agencies, etc. In addition, regarding models and background images, we use them with limited usage and scope based on the contract.

1. Regarding personal use, display, duplication, printing, etc. are permitted on the premise that it is not diverted to an environment that can be viewed by a third party or used for commercial purposes. No alterations are permitted. In addition, even for personal use, you must not delete any display related to intellectual property rights, etc.


2.In addition, for uses other than the above, you can reuse, reproduce, and redistribute only after making a written application in advance and obtaining the official permission of our company. However, we do not accept usage that may cause misunderstandings by users.


About link policy

1. If you would like to link to our website, please write to let us know. In addition, even if you have once approved the link, please note that we may cancel the link approval if the Company determines that the link approval is not appropriate due to changes in the content after the link approval. .


2. The contents of our website may be changed or abolished without notice. Please note that even in that case, we will not contact the person who made the link.


3. We are not responsible for the contents of other servers linked from this server.

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