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Business introduction

eyeglass frame business

Charmant was established in 1956 as a manufacturer of eyeglass frame parts. Since then, we have evolved into a comprehensive spectacle frame manufacturer with an integrated production system in which all the processes necessary to make finished products are done in-house. In addition, we have built our own sales network that connects us to more than 100 countries. With group companies in major countries around the world, we are leading the industry as a leading integrated manufacturing and sales company.

We manufacture and sell high-quality eyeglass frames and sunglasses that match a variety of markets and user groups under both our own brands and licenses. “Line Art Charmant”, which has been launched to the world through years of research into comfort and the development of unique technology, is our flagship brand that achieves ideal comfort.


Medical business

As a new business, we entered the medical field in 2012.

We manufacture precision medical steel accessories used in surgeries, making full use of our metal processing technology, including titanium, and development know-how that pursues functionality and sensibility, which we have cultivated through the manufacture of eyeglass frames. We received the 1st MEDTEC Innovation Grand Prize Excellence Award for our "titanium microfabrication technology" in recognition of our attitude of challenging the manufacturing of medical equipment from other industries.

Instruments that are highly operable and reduce the burden on surgeons will lead to the development of "minimally invasive treatments" that place less burden on not only the surgeon but also the patient. Charmant will contribute to the happiness of mankind and the development of local communities through the innovation of original medical technology.

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