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Bringing the next excitement to the world through innovation

We believe that Charmant's mission is to propose a comfortable visual life through eyeglass frames and realize a sustainable society full of smiles.
Because it is important to hang in the center of your face, it is important to add brilliance to your personality, so we would like to deliver even more peace of mind, joy, and excitement.


Charmant was established in 1956 as a manufacturer of eyeglass frame parts. Since then, we have evolved into a comprehensive eyeglass frame manufacturer by in-house manufacturing of all the parts and surface treatment processes required to make finished products.
In 2009, after eight years, we succeeded in developing a new material, Excellence Titanium, which is ideal for eyeglass frames. It is so comfortable that you forget you are wearing it.


The birth of the product "Line Art Charmant" is also a history of innovation.

By fusing technology that brings together the highest level of Japanese wisdom and ergonomic design, polishing it to the limit, and continuing to pursue essential "beauty", we will create new markets that meet customer needs. connected to creation.
At Charmant, we will continue to create the next excitement through innovation.

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Representative Director and President

Masataka Honjo

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