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Charmant's history has always been about innovation. Creative ideas and a passion for reliable manufacturing.

Our stance of pursuing ideals and turning ideas into reality has remained unchanged since our founding.

We continue our research and development with the goal of innovation to protect our customers' daily lives and future.


Produced by state-of-the-art technology and skilled skills

Eyeglass frames/medical equipment

Laser bonding technology that expands the possibilities of glasses

In charge of laser micro-joining developmentInterview with Hiroshi Nakamura

Expanding the possibilities of eyeglasses,

Laser bonding technology

In charge of laser micro-joining development

Interview with Hiroshi Nakamura

Laser micro-welding that maximizes the characteristics of materials

Eyeglass frames are made through more than 200 processes. Traditional techniques have been used in the joining process for many years. At Charmant, in pursuit of the ideal eyeglass frame, we have also innovated the bonding technology. After five years of research with the Joining and Joining Research Institute of Osaka University, we developed a "laser micro-joining" technology that can join wires as thin as the lead of a mechanical pencil. This technology, which can be joined while maintaining the characteristics of metal materials such as flexibility and springiness, can also increase strength, making it possible to create more beautiful and delicate frame designs than ever before. Research and development of new technologies such as direct bonding of dissimilar materials is also being conducted, and expectations are rising.


Supreme comfort brought about by ergonomic research

At Charmant, we have been researching comfort for many years, hoping to reduce the burden on people who wear glasses and help them live comfortably. With the cooperation of the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) in researching head shapes over the past 20 years, it is possible to measure the heads of people in Japan and other areas overseas and convert them into data, enabling more appropriate size design. became. In addition, we carefully design and manufacture our products to reproduce the optimal state of comfort when wearing eyeglasses, by independently setting and quantifying them. The result of continuous pursuit of comfort from all directions is the supreme comfort of "Line Art Charmant".


Understanding the advanced needs of the medical field and creating the ideal form

The design and manufacture of life-threatening medical equipment requires a very high level of realization. The process and processing that directly converts the needs identified through communication with doctors into design drawings must be performed precisely while perceiving micron-level differences. How to design and realize the ease of use and sharpness transmitted to the hands of the operator. Various knowledge and ideas accumulated over many years through the manufacturing of eyeglass frames, where the delicacy is emphasized, are greatly utilized here as well. We strive every day to contribute to the development of medical care by accumulating know-how created from multiple perspectives.


To realize the ideal comfort

excellence titanium

A unique "gentleness" is added to durable titanium to create a "flexible" metal.

In researching comfort, Charmant took on the big challenge of "material development" in order to get closer to the ideal. The result, "Excellence Titanium," is an optimal material for eyeglasses that was created through eight years of research and development with the Institute for Materials Research, Tohoku University, a world-renowned authority on metal research. We succeeded in combining the four characteristics of "flexible springiness," "shape memory," "excellent workability," and "nickel-free" into one metal. The supple fit created by "Excellence Titanium" is so comfortable that you might forget you're wearing it. It is a big step towards the ideal comfort, spun by the tireless efforts and passion of those involved. The technological development of this material and laser micro-bonding has been evaluated as manufacturing that supports industry and received the "4th Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award Special Award".


The right person in the right place design that creates high operability

Brain Surgery Micro Scissors, an instrument for brain surgery that won the 2014 Good Design Gold Award. The answer derived from the voice of the clinical site is a unique structure of the right person in the right place that connects four metals with laser micro-welding. Charmant's ideas and techniques allowed us to get closer to the operator than with conventional tools.


Design that satisfies comfort and beauty at the same time

"Line Art Charmant" is characterized by a temple structure woven by lines. The key is the shape that maximizes the elasticity of the material. The quintet collection was born through trial and error with countless handmade models. The beauty of functionality that makes you smile the moment you put it on. We are always pursuing high-dimensional design.

ラインアート シャルマン

Technology is a way to make dreams come true

Excellence Titanium Developer Interview with Hiroyuki Tada

Technology is a way to make dreams come true

 In charge of Excellence Titanium Development

Interview with Hiroyuki Tada


turn ideas into reality

Unique design power

Finding a form that pleases instinct

Line Art Charmant Designer Interview with Yoshiko Mizuno

A form that pleases instinct

find out

Line Art Charmant Designer 

Interview with Yoshiko Mizuno

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